Strategic Recruitment – The Recruiting Problem

The Recruiting Problem Key positions, retirees, and millennials—oh my! Competition for good talent is tough. Two generations are preparing to retire simultaneously. This will leave key positions and leadership positions vacant. Millennials tend to job hop ever 2-4 years. This will leave entry-level and mid-level vacancies. The hiring process can take a while (source, search, interview, etc.). There is a ...

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Four Top HR Trends in 2017

Over the past 7 years we have seen a progression in Human Resources from being transactional and development-oriented to being viewed as a strategic partner that helps drive an organization’s business. This advancement is due largely in part to the assistance of technology and automation which reduce transaction time and yield robust, consolidated reports.  Here are four leading HR trends ...

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Quick Wins, Band-Aids, and Long-Term Initiatives: Components of a Talent Management Roadmap

A strategic roadmap can help you plan the implementation and timeline of your Talent Management Strategy.  Roadmaps convey to observers that you have identified a need.  You have identified an estimated timeframe for resolution.  And you have identified the need to budget and source to meet this planned initiative.  They also keep all involved focused on the end goal. More ...

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Steps for Determining a Talent Management Strategy

In my previous blog entry, we discussed what Talent Management is and why it is essential for an organization.  In this feature we will review the steps for determining a Talent Management Strategy. A Talent Management Strategy A Talent Management Strategy is a plan for implementing and utilizing Talent Management processes.  This strategy should help us recruit good talent, grow ...

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What Is Talent Management and Why Is It Essential?

There has been a lot of talk over the past two years about employee engagement and its role in employee retention.  The easiest way to facilitate employee engagement incorporate Talent Management into your Human Resources processes and responsibilities.  This blog examines the concept of Talent Management and why it should have a place in your organization. Defining Talent Management Talent ...

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