• Cultiv8 Consulting will be at Sapphire NOW 2017

    Join Us Want to know more about how can you leverage big data and enable your digital business strategy? Join Cultiv8 for Sapphire Now 2017, from May 16-18 in Orlando, Florida. ASUG’s annual conference will offer you strategies and education about SAP applications, platforms, and services. You'll learn how to amplify and improve the employee experience, as well as how ...

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  • Part One – Strategic Recruitment: Using Top Performers to Gauge Candidate Fit

    Event Date: May 10th 2017 The true cost of a mis-hire goes far beyond the time and financial investment of the recruitment process. Onboarding, training, salary payments, and months of sub-par work performance can all have substantial business impacts—not to mention the need to make another hire. What if there was a better way to predict a candidate’s likelihood of ...

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  • Webinar: Driving Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace

    Date: April 26th, 2017 @ 12:00 PM ET Technology has transformed the modern workplace, increasing productivity, improving communications and opening up new worlds of connection. Yet there’s a painful downside: Remote work, virtual meetings, and email chains create barriers to face-to-face engagement. The result can be hyper-connected employees who feel disconnected from their workplace, affecting engagement, and long-term retention. What’s ...

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    In this webinar we will be discussing how to simplify and enhance HR business processes featuring a demo on SAP ® SuccessFactors® Employee Central. To effectively manage the workforce of the digital economy, organizations must learn to think differently about human resources (HR) and the systems that support them. Today’s HR systems must be flexible, scalable, and capable of providing structure for meeting ...

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  • Webinar: The need for Consolidated, Robust HR Reporting

    In this webinar we will discuss how HR has rapidly grown in terms of its strategic business importance. Many organizations have come to realize that their HR departments can do more than perform transactional activities; they can also provide in-depth insights on staffing, skills, and competencies to help an organization become more successful in the marketplace. The challenge is that ...

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  • Webinar: How to Have a Successful HR System Implementation

    How to Have a Successful HR System Implementation Implementing a core HRIS or talent management system may seem overwhelming, but the benefits of a properly and well-thought-out solution will make the effort worth it. In this program, Rebecca Murray of Cultiv8 Consulting will cover strategies and tips to make your implementation smoother and to help ensure success. We will discuss the following: ...

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